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A Complete Guide to the Best Places to Elope In Oregon

Everything you need to know and more

Out of all 50 U.S. states to elope in, Oregon truly has it all. This remarkable state contains the most diverse natural beauty and unique landscapes. From mountain peaks to rugged coastlines, forests to waterfalls, expansive deserts to pristine lakes, and to the rolling hills of the wine country – Oregon has all of this plus a unique community and top-notch restaurants, making this state a first pick for your ceremony. In Oregon, you will find dozens of locations perfect for any occasion, including traditional weddings and intimate elopements. 

The Best Places to Elope in Oregon

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Secret Beach // known for its spectacular views and privacy – offering a truly unique setting for your elopement

What you Need to Know When Choosing the Best Places to Elope in Oregon

  1. Does it matter what day of the week I elope?

    Weekdays work best! We recommend selecting a day of the week from Monday to Thursday for
    your elopement. The locations on this list are sought-after destinations all year long and are
    truly the best places to elope in Oregon. They will be particularly crowded with hikers, tourists,
    and locals during the summer months or on good weather days. If possible, planning your
    elopement during the week ensures more privacy and will be an overall better experience for
    you and your guests.

  2. What time of the year is best to elope in Oregon?

    This depends entirely on how partial you are to the rain! Let’s be real; it rains in Oregon. It is a
    necessary and, in our opinion, a refreshing part of life here in the PNW. With that said, your best
    chances of having dry nuptials are during the summer months, specifically July through
    September. On the flip side, a benefit of eloping in Oregon during the off-season is privacy.
    There is no better feeling than having the entire beach all to yourself.

  3. What time should I start my ceremony?

    Typically, 3 hours before sunset is the best time to schedule your ceremony for your
    elopement. This gives you ample time to tie the knot, sign your documents (for more info on
    marriage licenses in Oregon, click here), and take a breather before you explore your
    surroundings with your photographer. This is a great time to slice into a personal cake or sip
    champagne or special drinks with your partner and truly take it all in.

  4. Do I need a permit?

    All National Parks and most Oregon State Parks require some sort of permit to elope there
    legally. They range from special use permits to ceremony permits and vary from agency to
    agency. Some permits are issued based on the size of your group or are required if you are
    bringing in accessories such as flowers, chairs, or arches. Once you have a spot in mind, reach
    out and inquire directly with the governing agency that manages the location you want to elope
    in. The last thing you’ll want to sign on your elopement day is a ticket!

  5. What about accessibility?

    Each potential elopement location has its own unique access. Some things to consider when
    selecting your location that will determine if it is accessible or not:

    – is it just you two or a small group?
    – how far, if at all, do you want to hike?
    – will the roads be accessible at the time of year you want to elope?

    All of these questions and more are how we help our clients pick the perfect location to elope in

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Our top picks

With the most breathtaking coastlines in the West, the Oregon Coast is a top pick for elopement locations for a reason and is sure to make for an unforgettable experience


Known for its untamed beauty, Oregon offers 360 miles of coastline dotted with charming seaside towns and is characterized by dramatic sea cliffs and pristine sandy beaches.

Here is our list of locations that make for jaw-dropping elopements

Ecola State Park & Indian Beach

Located in Clatsop State Forrest, Ecola State Park is a haven for visitors, offering a network of trails through old-growth forests, pristine beaches, and across hillsides with panoramic viewpoints of the Pacific Ocean.

Cannon Beach

One of the most photographed landscapes in the world, Cannon Breach is a quaint town that is home to the iconic Haystack Rock.

Along this stretch of coastline, you can explore the town’s artistic ambiance before checking out the tide pools nestled at the bottom of Haystack Rocks’ impressive 235 ft.

God’s Thumb

A coastal gem near Lincoln City, God’s Thumb offers unmatched views of Oregon’s coastline. After a steady incline, this off-the-beaten hike offers some of the best backdrops Oregon has to offer for an elopement.

Cape Kiwanda

One of the most dynamic locations for your elopement in Oregon, Cape Kiwanda has expansive silky sand shores, towering dunes, and unique sandstone formations.

Hug Point

A short drive from Cannon Beach, you’ll find Hug Point, an elopement location in Oregon where you can spend all day plus more adventuring. Hug Point has hidden sea caves, a waterfall, tidal pools, and sea-carved cliffs.

Secret Beach

Just as its name suggests, Secret Beach is a lesser-known beach on the Southern Oregon coast bordering California.

With truly unique rock formations and access to dense old-growth forests and towering Redwood trees along historic Highway 101, this is a top pick for elopement locations in Oregon.

From stunning waterfalls, to panoramic views, to food and drinks with loved ones – The Columbia River Gorge is a top location choice for elopements.


Spanning over 80 miles, the Columbia Gorge is a canyon carved by the Columbia River that is home to cascading waterfalls, lush forests, vistas, and home to Hood River; Portland’s top weekend getaway for a reason. Hood River boasts dozens of fruit orchards, local breweries, and some of Oregon’s top wineries.

An outdoor enthusiast’s dream, these locations have a little bit of everything for everyone: views, trails, drinks, and adventure.

Waclella Falls

Tucked away in the Columbia River Gorge, Waclella Falls is a massive 350 ft. waterfall surrounded by dark mossy walls. This waterfall is easily accessible on a well-maintained trail and is the perfect location for your Oregon elopement.

Rowena Crest

Each season at Rowena Crest gives a unique and beautiful view. Sweeping golden hillsides in the summer, vibrant green rolling vistas in late winter, and an abundance of wildflowers in spring.

Each season is paired with a panoramic view of the Columbia River and is just minutes from Hood River, OR. Each time we drive through the Gorge, Rowena Crest is a must-stop short walk with unmatched views.

Government Cove

A hidden gem in the Columbia River Gorge, Government Cove has a tranquil marina, hiking trails, and spectacular waterfront views, making it a destination for visitors and locals alike. Its accessibility and proximity to the city make it a great option to consider when eloping in Oregon.

Vista House

Vista House is a historic and iconic Oregon landmark atop Crown Point and offers full panoramic views of the Columbia River as well as architectural grandeur and vibrant gardens. If you want big views with little effort, check out Vista Point as an option for your elopement.

Latourell Falls

A jewel along the Columbia River, Latourell Falls is a great option for your Oregon elopement. The falls plunge 249 feet down bowl-shaped, dark lichen-covered basalt walls, making this a must-see waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge.

Angel’s Rest

This hike is not for the faint of heart but the views are oh so worth it. The strenuous incline to get to the top of Angels Rest takes you above the tree line with unobstructed views of the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding mountains. This hike is ideal for an adventurous couple looking for unmatched views and privacy on their elopement day. 

With the most diverse and unique landscapes Oregon has to offer, Central and Eastern Oregon elopements are wild and stunning.


In the heart of central Oregon lies the city of Bend, which manages to retain its small-town vibe and will likely be your home base for many of these Oregon elopement locations. Bend is known as the outdoor playground of the West. Here, you can ski at Mt. Bachelor, paddle board on one of its many alpine lakes, hike the vast 1.6 million acres of surrounding national forest lands, or check out the award-winning local breweries.

Consider Bend your gateway to the adventurous side of Oregon

Smith Rock State Park

A regular weekend trip for us when we lived in Bend, Smith Rock State Park is a location near and dear to our hearts. Here, you can elope surrounded by deep river-cut canyons, towering red rocks, and basalt cliffs. Any direction you face is a winner for the backdrop of your elopement.

Sparks Lake

Another special location just a short drive from Bend is Sparks Lake. This alpine lake is nestled in the Cascade Range of Central Oregon. 

The lake reflects the alpine Giants of South Sister and Broken Top. There’s no better place to watch the sunrise than at Sparks Lake.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is Oregon’s only national park, but it offers enough beauty to make up for it. It showcases the deepest lake in the U.S., which offers captivatingly deep blue water. With fewer crowds than other National Parks, Crater Lake is ideal for intimate ceremonies when eloping in Oregon. 

Painted Hills

Painted Hills is a truly unique landscape in Oregon. This backdrop for your elopement is a kaleidoscope of vibrant bands of red, gold, and orange hues resulting from the erosion of ancient soil layers.

The Alvord Desert

A vast playa in southeastern Oregon, the Alvord Desert is an endless dry lakebed surrounded by the towering Steens Mountains.

It’s home to one of the darkest skies in Oregon; stargazing here is an unreal experience.

The Steens Mountains

The Steens Mountains in Southeastern Oregon don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve. At over 9.000 ft., the Steens feature dramatic sight lines of expansive plateaus and the vast valleys of the Kiger Gorge and Alvord Desert below.

The Wallowa Mountains

Another severely underrated area known as one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon is the Wallowas, also nicknamed the “Alps of Oregon.” If you are looking for unparalleled mountain views, epic adventure, and intimacy for your Oregon Elopement, don’t skip consideration for this location.

Easy access, towering trees, and top-notch food – there are tons of great spots for your Portland elopement.


Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and between the mighty Columbia and Willamette Rivers, Portland, OR, is known for its natural beauty and proximity to the outdoors, making it an adventurer’s dream. Portland is a city rich in arts, diverse culture, and eclectic personalities that make up the city’s unique charm.

If you want to elope in the heart of downtown Portland, check out the below list of awesome locations.

Hoyt Arboretum

There’s not many places in the world where you can see towering Redwoods in a downtown setting! Hoyt Arboretum is one of them and a great place to consider for your Oregon elopement. Nestled in Washington Park, in downtown Portland, OR, Hoyt Arboretum is a living museum with over 2,300 species of trees and plants and serves as a tranquil retreat from city life.

International Rose Test Garden

If you love vibrant colors, then check out the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park in downtown Portland, OR. There are 650 varieties of rose bushes, and when viewed in peak bloom in July, they offer a stunning display of color.

Cathedral Park

Located under the iconic St. Johns Bridge in Portland, OR, this sprawling park features the Gothic architecture of the bridge, waterfront views of the Columbia River, and almost two dozen acres of greenery and walking trails. There’s also a gorgeous amphitheater specifically made for special events, and may be the perfect backdrop for your Oregon elopement.

Mt. Hood is for adventurers – this towering mountain has every type of elopement opportunity you can dream of


Trillium Lake

This alpine lake is located at the base of Mt. Hood and features a mirrored reflection of Mt. Hood on clear days. A short drive from Portland, Trillium Lake is easy to get to and is surrounded by trails to explore.  After your elopement, imagine sharing champagne in a canoe on this lake at sunset!

Silcox Hut

Silcox Hut at Ski Bowl is perched at 6,950 feet with an unobstructed view of Mt. Hood. Here, you can have entirely different experiences depending on what time of year you elope. Like skiing? After your vows, jump on the lifts and ski into the evening at one of the country’s largest night skiing resorts. If you prefer warmer weather, there are endless mountain biking trails and hiking trails to explore during peak wildflower season in July.

Mt. Hood National Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest boasts a sprawling 1.1 million acres in Oregon, including alpine meadows, dense forests, lakes, and iconic ski resorts and is one of our personal outdoor playgrounds all year long. We have some personal, off-the-grid, ultra-private locations we’ve scouted over the years and share with our clients who are looking for intimacy and adventure, some of which may be the perfect spots for your intimate Oregon elopement.

Lolo Pass

Lolo Pass is a historic route traversing through Mt. Hood National Forest. This particular location is not easy to get to and requires a 4 x 4 vehicle, but the views are beyond worth it. On a sunny day, you get panoramic views of Mt. Hood, surrounded by dense greenery and wildflowers. There’s a certain experience associated with each of the locations on this list; this one might be the most rugged!

Lost Lake

If you’ve envisioned a serene day with your partner in a breathtaking place while you exchange your vows, Lost Lake is a great option for you to consider for your Oregon elopement. Best accessed during summer, Lost Lake is at the base of Mt. Hood and offers canoeing, kayaking, and hiking nearby.


At the end of the day, Oregon stands out as the ultimate elopement destination among all 50 states. With its breathtaking landscapes, from majestic mountains to stunning coastlines, this state offers a diverse range of locations that are perfect for your special day. Whether you and your partner are seeking an intimate ceremony in the midst of nature or a romantic beachside affair, Oregon has it all. Let this be your first adventure as a married couple in this enchanting state, where your elopement will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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The Best Places to Elope in Oregon

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