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Court in the Square – A Top Choice for Seattle Wedding Venues

Let’s face it: making decisions is generally hard, let alone deciding where to host your wedding. Throughout our eight years documenting weddings up and down the West Coast, we’ve had a chance to experience it all when it comes to wedding venues. From backyards to hotels, from mountaintops to overseas destinations – we’ve had the chance to document almost every type of wedding in almost every type of venue.

Out of all of the Seattle Wedding Venues we’ve been to, Court in the Square is hands down a top choice on our list. Location is everything, and if you are searching for a venue that’s conveniently located downtown in the heart of the city, Court in the Square checks off this box. This Seattle wedding venue’s unique architecture and abundant natural light allow for photo opportunities at every turn.

Just as important as the venue itself are the staff behind the scenes putting all of the pieces together. Court in the Square’s attentive staff helps propel this venue to the top of our list of best Seattle wedding venues. We are so thankful to have been a part of S & G’s incredible wedding at Court in the Square this past February and are excited to share our honest thoughts and views about this incredible venue!

Seattle Wedding Venue: Best Location

Seattle has so much character and has one of our favorite skylines. We can’t talk about Court in the Square without mentioning the views! Seattle’s iconic skyline juxtaposes contemporary skyscrapers with the vibrant colors of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. There are few buildings in Seattle where you are surrounded by towering, modern buildings and can see the waterfront, all in a full 360-degree turn.

At Court in the Square, you have access to a private bridal suite on the top floor of the Goldsmith building (more details about the building later in this article), where the wedding party has access to a wrap-around balcony, allowing you to pick your favorite vantage point at any turn. The court in the Square is also centrally located, just 0.2 miles away from Pioneer Square and across the street from the T-Mobile Area.

While you never have to leave the venue for photos, S & G scored with the weather; with only partly cloudy skies in February, we and the wedding party took group photos at Pioneer Square to make the most of the day. The walk from Court in the Square to Pioneer Square is 5 minutes and is an experience in itself. The brick buildings and streets give off old-world charm and nostalgic vibes, fitting seamlessly with the venue’s aesthetic. Not many Seattle wedding venues can claim these features; the views from Court in the Square and its central location make it a stand-out venue.

Court in the Square: Features

A truly unique venue that stands out from other Seattle wedding venues, Court in the Square is nestled between two commercial buildings. “A seven-story glass atrium connects the Goldsmith and Northcoast buildings, giving the project its unique architectural identity within the Pioneer Square Historic District,” per crossbeaminvestments.com. The courtyard, also called the Grand Lobby, hosts premier private events and social functions and is managed by Europa Events. The open-air ceiling, classic lamposts, modern black trimmings, a reflective pond, and vibrant green plantings harmoniously create a unique ambiance of modern industrial, mixed with a nostalgic charm in a building that is truly a landmark property in Seattle.

The styling and architecture of this venue weren’t the only features that stood out to us; the staff is lovely and accommodating. The venue manager took the time to give us a tour of the space before she escorted us to the bridal suite. From the bartenders to the support staff and everyone else we met along the way the night of S & G’s wedding, we were greeted with warm, friendly faces that checked in on guests’ and vendors’ needs. It was truly a team effort and a great experience.

Natural Light for Picture-Perfect Moments

As photographers, videographers, and, above all else, artists, certain elements of any venue stand out to us that you may not be aware of or have even considered when searching for the perfect Seattle wedding venue. To us, lighting is a make-it-or-break-it factor when picking our favorite places to document weddings and events. We truly have seen it all and, at times, have had to think creatively and on the fly, to accommodate challenging spaces, difficult lighting scenarios, or various circumstances that arise at live events.

This venue presented such a unique opportunity for us as photographers as we were in a modern, indoor space with high glass ceilings overhead, providing an indoor wedding with abundant natural light. There’s no way to get around the fact that it rains here in the PNW. At this venue, you get a truly unique indoor/outdoor experience without needing a weather-related contingency plan!

When the sunset, the warm lights of the classic lamposts imbued the reception with elegance and romantic timelessness, enhancing the atmosphere of the reception. During the peak hours of the midday sun and at night when the courtyard looked warm and soft, we were inspired by the light at this venue and used that to our creative advantage on S & G’s wedding day.


Court in the Square emerges as a unique venue within the vibrant tapestry of Seattle wedding venues. In the heart of a modern downtown with skyscrapers, the views at this venue offer the perfect juxtaposition of elegance with natural beauty. The centerpiece of the venue, the Grand Lobby, exudes a blend of industrial modernity and nostalgic charm, providing a picturesque backdrop for celebrations.

For photographers and artists, the venue’s abundant natural light and adaptable indoor/outdoor spaces offer creative opportunities unparalleled by many other venues. From capturing the warm glow of classic lampposts to embracing the soft ambiance of the courtyard, this venue epitomizes elegance, romance, and timeless allure, making it a standout choice for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience in the heart of Seattle.


Venue: Europa Events @ Court in the Square

Wedding Coordinator: K & L Events

Florist: Peony and Twig

MC/Event Host: Chris Toledo


Top Seattle Wedding Venue Report: A Court in the Square

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